Common Types of Disputes

In business dealings disputes may occur with any party which includes business partner, suppliers, tenants, property owner, clients or even with governmental departments or agencies.

You may get general advice or help on how to resolve the dispute, discussions between both the parties which may lead to Mediation Services.

Mediation Services are an alternative to settle the matter through the out also known as out of court settlement, though both the services can be used simultaneously.


Different types of Disputes

There are many types of disputes where some examples are mentioned as below

  • Contracts
  • Leasing Business Premises
  • Retail Shop Lease Disputes
  • Fair Trading, Competition and Misuse of power
  • Government Departments and Agencies
  • Franchises


Contracts are involved in all small businesses, where business relations will have some type of agreed commitment or compulsion for both the parties.

Clauses agreed by each party are to be put in writing and each party should understand their duties to avoid disputes. Also there should be a procedure for handling & settling the disputes which will make things easier in case any dispute arises.

Below mentioned are some advice for contractual disputes.

  • Be clear about the contact
  • Discuss all the issues with partner/partners
  • Note every discussion or verbal agreement too in writing
  • Always write formally to the other party
  • Contact US for any assistance or Legal Advice

Leasing Business Premises

In case of any dispute between any landlord or tenants arises it’s should be resolved in as cost-effective manner as possible with hurting the relation of either side.

Firstly, read the all the documents associated and leases papers to know the obligations and rights of each party. If the lease is well written it’s clear what each party had agreed with obvious results.

In case the supporting documents like lease etc do not clarify the issue contacts us for commercial leasing disputes settlement.

Retail Shop Lease Disputes

In case dispute arises relating to retail shop lease, feel free to contact us to resolve the matter. We offer Mediation services through negotiation to resolve the disputes.

Fair trading, competition and misuse of power

Due to different unfair practices, anti-competitive attitude businesses may face disputes with other business operators. There are many laws in different countries to deal with these kind of behaviors.

You can also connect us for dispute resolution services through mediation, litigation or arbitration.

Government Departments or Agencies

Running any business, it is important to follow the rules and regulations of local city, state or federal laws. Rarely, one may find himself in disputes with issues like licensing, leasing premises, policies, planning etc.

We can assist you to mediate your dispute with a government department or agency.


Regarding the code of conduct for franchising there is an established process for how to resolve the dispute between both the parties which will be franchisers & franchisees.

Before proceeding for mediation, one must write to the other party with type of disputes, result of the dispute and how it can be resolved as per the code. If the matter is not resolved even after three-week time than the dispute can be referred for mediation.

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